Fall Quarter 2019 Recap

Hi guys! We had three great events this quarter.

Exploring Your Universe 2019

We were again able to participate in Exploring Your Universe, one of our favorite events! We asked children to write down on postcards why science is important to them. We also got their zip codes – if the parents allowed, of course! – so that the postcards can be used in the future to advocate for science. Please enjoy the adorable pictures, and stay tuned for how we use the postcards!

Lunch with Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

We were lucky enough to have lunch with Deborah Moore, the Western State Senior Campaign Manager at UCS. We knew Deborah from the advocacy communications training at UC Irvine we put on with UCS last summer and were so thrilled to get to see her again. We spoke about our plans for the upcoming year, and UCS efforts around wildfires, clean energy, climate preparedness and resilience, air pollution, and clean transportation. Of course, we also spoke about future collaborations!

General Meeting – Wildfires: From Ecology to Policy

As I’m sure you know, the wildfire crisis in California is dire. We chose to focus on this issue for our November general meeting and talk about how we got to this place and what we can do in the future. We spoke about the past policies that helped us arrive here, and the relevant ecology. We definitely all left better educated and more prepared to move forward!

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