Jan-Feb 2020 LA County District Attorney Race Race

We had three events around the theme of why the D.A. race matters for science.

Event #1: Information Session

We started off with an information session on what falls under the purview of the D.A. and how they can influence and be influenced by science. After going over details about the D.A. office itself, we covered three examples: (1) brain development and juvenile justice; (2) women’s health, trauma-informed practices for sexual violence, and commercial sex workers; and (3) climate, environmental safety and crimes, and public goods like green spaces.

Event #2: Dr. Barnert

We were so lucky to have Dr. Elizabeth Barnert, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine, tell us about her remarkable work in successfully translating her research into policy.

She gave a presentation on her research on youth involved in the juvenile justice system, commercially sexually exploited youth, and youth undergoing family separation and reunification. Dr. Barnert told us about how she was able to focus on research that would aid in the passage of bills, such as California SB 1322, AB 2992, and SB439, and about serving as an advisor to the California state legislature and US Congress on juvenile justice policy.

It was one of the most inspiring messages we’ve heard, and Dr. Barnert gave us helpful and tangible advice in translating research to policy!

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