Feb 2020: L.A. County District Attorney Candidates Q&A!

Event #3: Q&A with District Attorney Candidates George Gascon and Rachel Rossi

And finally, our evening with D.A. candidates George Gascon and Rachel Rossi! It was an inspiring and uplifting evening, filled with nuanced and thoughtful answers by both candidates about how science can inform their decision-making.

The questions – all surprises to the candidates – focused on juvenile justice, mass incarceration & addiction, holding substance abuse centers accountable, environmental racism and classism, green spaces, trauma-informed practices for sexual violence, sex workers rights, and more. The list of questions is posted below and can also be downloaded here. We left so hopeful for the future of LA County!

Please watch the video of the event on our facebook here and check our instagram and twitter for pictures and quotes. You can also download the transcript of the event right below!

Information about both candidates can be found online, and please remember to vote on March 3rd! The D.A. has tremendous power to influence our everyday lives and this is an election where you vote carries a huge weight.

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