Big data. Drug addiction. Climate change. “Fake news.” Our contemporary world faces significant opportunities, choices, and challenges in the present and near future. In an era of uncertainty, science-informed government is paramount to the well-being of our global civilization. Therefore, it is crucial that the knowledge enterprise, including UCLA, plays a role in shaping science policy.

The goal of the Science Policy Group at UCLA is to drive the intersection of science, policy, and society in order to address and advocate for critical issues related to science, health, technology, and the environment.

We have three primary objectives:

  1. Provide science policy professional development tools to students and scientists.
  2. Engage with non-scientists by communicating the impact of science and health policy on society.
  3. Organize advocacy events that provide opportunities to interact with policymakers.

We believe in an intersectional dialogue to discuss these complex issues. Whether you are interested in pursing a career in science policy, or an engaged citizen advocating for science and health issues, the Science Policy Group at UCLA will empower you to positively impact society.

Who We Are